Our aim is to help corporates, investors and individuals successfully address and manage their Non-Financial Risks (NFR).

We founded our firm on the principle that organisations should not have to prioritise an opportunity or their integrity at the expense of the other.

Businesses should be able to pursue interesting, challenging, profitable opportunities and still continue to protect their most prized asset - their integrity.

Our business is based upon the principles of partnership, integrity and professionalism. Our clients are from all spectrums of enterprise; financial services, industry and manufacturing, telecoms, energy and raw materials. 

We are determined, persistent and fully committed to perform for our clients and partners to build Europe's leading NFR advisory firm.


It is our belief that enterprises around the globe face growing threats of non-financial risks: from compliance, misconduct, cyber, reputational and ethical challenges. 

Regulators around the world are continuing to tighten the demands upon all organisations, whatever their sector of operation, and ever-increasingly they need to be prepared for and respond to this increased scrutiny and enforcement.

We advocate that this preparation should go beyond implementation of internal procedures and protocols but be a fundamental part of any organisation and its DNA. 

The consequences of failing can be dramatic: financial loss, reputational damage, litigation, remediation expenses and, ultimately, destruction of shareholder value.

But getting it right not only protects business value but will enable growth and long-term sustainability.



Our focus is to offer support and solutions in the management of Non-Financial Risks.

Today we provide comprehensive, strategic and transformative support to our clients in the following areas:

CONDUCT & Litigation

Fraud, misconduct, litigation support, corruption, criminal attacks, asset recovery and conflicts of interest.


Protecting and maintaining a sustainable and ethical reputation.

Crisis Management

Preparation, readiness, response and recovery strategies when facing a complex crisis throughout the world.

Cyber & SYSTEM

Cyber-security, predict, prevent, eliminate threats, technological disruption, internal controls and defence.

Regulatory compliance

Anti-money laundering, sanctions, regulatory challenges, KYC due diligence, risk assessment and internal policies and protocols of control and governance reviews.

Strategic & political

Intelligence services for opportunities in new territories and industries, new partnerships, support at navigating political uncertainty.

Transactional assessment

Pre and post transactional assessments on JV partners, acquisition/investment targets, contractors, agents and other business partners.



C and F Partners was founded by experienced professionals who joined forces to offer businesses a home to deal with Non-Financial Risks.

Our team brings to our work a diverse range of experience from the financial, regulatory, intelligence, forensic, cyber and legal industries.  We have unique know-how and expert networks developed over decades working for private and public organisations. 

We are experienced in solving the most demanding of problems and converting opportunities that might otherwise be out of reach. We are able to interpret, react and design strategies to the ever-changing risk environment and have a proven track record of protecting and/or generating value for our clients.



Charles Carr

Charles is a 24-year veteran in advising businesses on how to recognize and navigate Non-Financial Risk. Throughout his career, during his time with Kroll, K2 Intelligence and now C and F Partners, he has managed hundreds of projects which have exposed him to the inner-workings of every continent and nearly every industry. His work in service of international organizations, multinational corporations, sovereign nations, worldwide financial institutions, high net-worth individuals and more, has cumulatively resulted in the recovery of billions of dollars’ worth of assets for his clients.  

Mr Carr has particularly extensive experience in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the FSU, and South America, and has specialist knowledge in several sectors, including but not limited to: commodities, extractive, energy, financial services, airlines, manufacturing, telecommunications, art, and consumer goods.   

Through his handling of a wide array of significant, complex, and sensitive matters, Mr Carr has carefully cultivated a close network of every nation and every industry’s best specialists – in academia, cyber security, geopolitical analysis, law enforcement, law, regulation, industry analysis, forensic accounting, journalism, and beyond.

Mr Carr holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theology from the University of Exeter and speaks English, Italian and Spanish.

Petra Vujnovic

Petra Vujnovic brings over 10 years of forensic and investigative accounting experience, specialising in litigation support, investigations of fraud and corruption and business valuations.

Petra has been involved in various investigative assignments for corporations facing fraud, asset recovery and dispute issues across a wide range of industries. More recently, Petra has been advising and assisting the Board of a large financial institution with an internal investigation into fraudulent activities involving misappropriation of funds in excess of €100 million. She also worked closely with an Egmont Group Financial Intelligence Unit providing support and guidance in an ongoing investigation.      

Petra’s other work includes a cross-border investigation into a fraudulent ETI investment scheme on behalf of a state entity; a financial investigation of a Ponzi scheme that left the client exposed to losses of close to £1 billion; an accounting review and valuation of a portfolio of trust entities in a dispute between Trust beneficiaries; identification of assets of a high net worth individual in order to sanction a restructuring with the creditors; and an investigative business review of an oil extraction company for the purpose of sanctioning a restructuring of its US$600 million debt. Petra also spent a year working on an FCPA investigation into activities of a global oil and gas company and is currently advising a multi-national commodities company on their anti-bribery and corruption compliance programme.  

Petra joined C and F Partners from K2 Intelligence. Prior to that she worked at AlixPartners, where she served as a Vice President in their London financial advisory services team.

Petra holds a first class degree in International Economics and Management from Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. She speaks English, Slovenian, Croatian and Italian.

Aleksandra Trajkovic

Since C and F Partner’s foundation, Aleksandra Knapp-Trajkovic has been the company’s lead consultant on a number of complex, multi-jurisdictional business intelligence and litigation support assignments. 

Bringing to the company her previous experience as a political advisor in the post-war Balkans as well as her advanced investigative, analytical and intelligence collection skills, developed at the industry’s lead consultancies, K2 Intelligence and Control Risks, Aleksandra addresses her client’s concerns in a bespoke, holistic and multidisciplinary manner. Her results-focused, strategic approach identifies solutions to the clients’ problems through successful leveraging of hard-to-find information.

Although Aleksandra’s expertise is rooted in Western Europe and her native Balkans, her challenging projects have also familiarised her with complex operative environments of South East Asia and West Africa. 

A graduate of Georgetown University in Washington DC and London School of Economics and Political Science, Aleksandra is fluent in Serbo-Croat, Italian, English and French, and has a working knowledge of Spanish, German and Russian.  

Albert Buyé Grau

 With more than five years of experience in the sector, Albert has worked with clients ranging from large international corporations in the energy, banking and retail sectors, to government institutions. His area of focus includes political risk analysis, addressing compliance and regulation uncertainties and investigating opaque structures in money laundering and corruption cases. He is an expert in Iberia and Latin America.

Prior to joining C and F Partners, Albert worked for K2 Intelligence in Madrid and London. He also has experience in the public sector, having worked for the Delegation of the Catalan Government to the EU and the EU Delegation to Mexico.

Albert holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Barcelona and obtained an MSc in International Relations and European Politics from the University of Edinburgh.

Albert is bilingual in Spanish and Catalan, fluent in English and has working knowledge of French and Portuguese.

Frederick Jenkins

Frederick specializes in cross-border fraud and corruption investigations, security & political risk analysis, as well as business intelligence in sub-Saharan Africa.

Prior to joining C and F Partners, Freddy worked for GLG in New York where he was responsible for conducting international due-diligence requests for private equity and investment management clients with a focus on energy and industrials, technology and media, financial services, and consumer goods. Freddy also spent time with the Africa Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington D.C., as well as the International Political Strategy team at Crosby | Textor in London.  

Frederick holds a B.A. in International Relations from Wake Forest University in North Carolina where he specialized in International Security Policy.

Christina Marinou

Christina is an Analyst at C and F Partners with experience in research, political risk assessment and media relations, with fluency in Greek and German in addition to English.

Prior to joining C and F Partners, Christina worked as a researcher for Drop4Drop, a non-profit organisation focusing on water crisis eradication, where she wrote a number of reports on critical water security issues.  Christina also fulfilled core administrative and communication roles for the Press and Communications department of the Greek Embassy in London.

She has previously held a position at the British Hellenic Chamber of Commerce where she was involved in event coordination and fundraising. 

Christina holds a Masters in Conflict, Security and Development from the University of Sussex. In addition, Christina graduated with a BA in International Relations from Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences in Athens.

Irina Pasechnik

Irina joined C and F Partners in October 2017 as an Analyst specializing in FSU affairs.

Prior to joining C and F Partners, she worked on numerous projects for European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and as an Investor Relations Manager at a private equity real estate fund Wainbridge Limited.

Irina graduated from Bocconi University in Milan with a degree in International Economics and Management. She later graduated from European Business School with a Master degree in International Business.

Irina speaks Russian, Ukrainian and Italian.




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