Our aim is to help corporates, investors and individuals successfully address and manage their Non-Financial Risks (NFR).

We founded our firm on the principle that organisations should not have to prioritise an opportunity or their integrity at the expense of the other.

Businesses should be able to pursue interesting, challenging, profitable opportunities and still continue to protect their most prized asset - their integrity.

Our business is based upon the principles of partnership, integrity and professionalism. Our clients are from all spectrums of enterprise; financial services, industry and manufacturing, telecoms, energy and raw materials. 

We are determined, persistent and fully committed to perform for our clients and partners to build Europe's leading NFR advisory firm.


It is our belief that enterprises around the globe face growing threats of non-financial risks: from compliance, misconduct, cyber, reputational and ethical challenges. 

Regulators around the world are continuing to tighten the demands upon all organisations, whatever their sector of operation, and ever-increasingly they need to be prepared for and respond to this increased scrutiny and enforcement.

We advocate that this preparation should go beyond implementation of internal procedures and protocols but be a fundamental part of any organisation and its DNA. 

The consequences of failing can be dramatic: financial loss, reputational damage, litigation, remediation expenses and, ultimately, destruction of shareholder value.

But getting it right not only protects business value but will enable growth and long-term sustainability.

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