what we do
what we do

What We Do

By preserving our clients' integrity, we enable them to generate value.

C&F Partners covers all sectors, from banking and institutional investment to telecoms, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, mining and, most recently, the art trade. Extensive specialist networks and deep local knowledge – of our clients, their competitors and the political and regulatory context – inform all our operations across the global patchwork of nations, markets and cultures.

  • Protecting Value

    Organisations face daily threats of value erosion from multiple internal and external factors. C&F Partners focuses on three key vulnerabilities that can cause this:

    • Weaknesses in control systems that allow fraud or regulatory breaches
    • Historical problems that undermine current and future performance
    • Monitoring of the evolving internal and external risk environment
  • Managing Crises and Problem Resolution

    Instant remedies are rarely the most effective response to unplanned events, emergencies or even attacks.

    Crises call for original strategies and creativity rather than standardised, one-size-fits-all solutions.

    C&F Partners’ team of experienced, multi-disciplinary experts is fully equipped across all core risk competencies to help our clients navigate the most complex and challenging crises.

Our Services
Our multi disciplinary, multi-lingual team has expertise in preventing, managing and anticipating the full spectrum of non-financial risks in all financial and industrial sectors.